WinterFest Word Hop Participants

WinterFest Chatham NYPick up your Winterfest Word Hop form at any one of these participating locations. You can start anywhere. Remember all completed forms must be returned to Beach & Bartolo by 4pm on Saturday, December 10.

American Pie, 41 Main Street
Banner Clothing House, 19 Main Street
Beach & Bartolo Realtors, 34 Main Street
benGablesavories, 17 Central Square
Bimi’s Cheese Shop, 21 Main Street
Boxwood Linen, 22 Main Street
Browns Emporium Inc, 37 Main Street
Chatham Bookstore, 27 Main Street
Chatham Brewing, 59 Main Street
Chatham Café & Deli, 41 Main Street
Chatham Wine & Liquor, 53 Main Street
Columbia Land Conservancy, 49 Main Street
Crow Cottage, 3 Railroad Avenue
Jeweler’s Roost, 9 Hudson Avenue
The Gluten Free Bakery (Our Daily Bread), 54 Main Street
Montifiore Gallery, 12 Main Street
Our Daily Bread Deli, 116 Hudson Avenue
Our Community Cares, 25 Hudson Avenue
Park Row Art Gallery, 2 Park Row
Pookstyle: thoughtful gifts, 2 Park Row
Pookstyle Home, 2 Park Row
Prepared NY, 20 Main Street
R.H. Van Alstyne Fine Jewelry, 42 Main Street
ReWraps, 32 Main Street
Somthinsgottagive, 5 Main Street
Stone House Properties, 9 Main Street
Taste Box, 17 Main Street
The Kinderhook Group, 2 Park Row
The People’s Pub, 36 Main Street
The Warm Ewe, 31 Main Street
Victoria DiNardo Millinery, 14 Main Street
Willow & Oak, 1 Main Street