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Chatham Area Business Alliance Gets New Name

Chatham Area Business and Arts

Chatham Area Business and ArtsFor over thirty years, Main Street retailers and other local business have taken part in a member-based organization to promote the local economy in the Village of Chatham, known as the Chatham Business Area Alliance.

Now, under the leadership of President Tom Chulak (co-owner of the Chatham Book Store), the membership has re-named the organization Chatham Area Business and Arts to reflect the growing importance of arts-related businesses and organizations in the Chatham area.

The Chatham Area is defined as the Village of Chatham plus the surrounding towns of Chatham, Austerlitz, and Canaan — the area served by the Chatham School District.

CABA’s vision is a reinvented organization that brings together economic and community development through connecting member organizations with one another and to the larger community. To ensure that all stakeholders are represented and to expand connections in new ways, CABA membership will be open to not only businesses, retailers, and not-for-profit organizations, but also arts organizations, community-based organizations, religious institutions, culinary arts professionals, artists, artisans, farmers and local food processors, home-based business owners, and individuals.

CABA also represents its members’ interests with the local municipalities and the county. The organization’s goal is to enhance our community in ways consistent with the Comprehensive Plans of the towns and village and focused on economic and community development.

“The economic and cultural vitality of the Chatham Area is interwoven with businesses and the arts,” said Tom Chulak. “Our reorganization and new name reflect this reality. “

Currently the CABA Festivals Committee that plans three festivals a year in the village (SummerFest, WinterFest, and OctoberFeast) and the Marketing Committee promotes the Chatham area through and social media and hosts bi-monthly CABA breakfast for networking and learning. In addition, CABA is in the process of establishing an Education Committee that will focus on CABA’s relationship with the Chatham School District and the Columbia Greene Community College.

For more information, please contact Tom Chulak at 518.392.3005.

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